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Meet us!

Take a look behind our doors and see who we are!

Meet us!
Emotion management in business

Emotion management in business

Find out what makes emotional intelligence an important business skill and why it might be more important than personality in some situations.

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Do you want your child to befriend emotions?

Do you want your child to befriend emotions?

Meet our amazing educational method that teaches through play! EduCube develops emotional intelligence while making the whole body move.

Meet EduCube!

We discover potential and develop skills

I believe that wise growth support of both whole organizations and individual clients should be based on empirically tested psychological knowledge.

Anna Cieślik
Founder of Pracownia Rozwoju

In Pracownia Rozwoju our purpose is to inspire clients to verify gained knowledge on their own. We stimulate people to build skills which help realize professional and personal goals more effectively. We use methods that provoke reflection and awake creative potential. We create engaging educational tools and original solutions which teach through play. We are convinced people develop organizations and communities they belong to based on their positive resources, making the world a better place.

We constantly develop as well. For almost a decade we perfect our craft, update our knowledge with newest scientific research, test our developmental tools and verify their efficiency in practice. We support business teams and educational workers in smart growth. We combine knowledge with practice and debunk psychological myths. We share experiences and inspire each other.
We invite different people of various talents to work with us so that a team's synergy is created, opening a path to growth.

We support


who value growth


which value innovative approach


of solid psychological knowledge

Why do we do it?

that is, why do we help people grow?

  • because we are convinced it’s the people who are the biggest value in organizations
  • because we understand that growing is hard work
  • because we are charmed by the complexity of human nature
  • because education is our passion
  • because we love psychology and understand developmental mechanisms
  • because we believe that playing is the best way to learn
  • because every time we learn something new
  • besides, we have a lot of fun doing it

How do we do it?

that is, what makes us unique in our approach to growth?

  • we rely on tested knowledge
  • we seek reliable sources
  • we don’t cut corners – we go beyond schemas
  • we engage the trainee
  • we encourage self-directed exploration
  • we incorporate gamification
  • we provoke reflection
  • we move imagination
  • we promote psychological knowledge in various places
  • we monitor the effects of our developmental efforts

What do we do?

that is, what developmental activities do we create?

  • we create dedicated training programs
  • we develop original educational methods and teaching aids
  • we consult and advise
  • we implement tools improving organization’s functioning
  • we diagnose problems using tested tools
  • we organize individual and group trainings
  • we tailor individual growth paths
  • we initiate meetings during which everyone may find inspiration

We support growth in two areas

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