In the realization of our business development services we rely on tested psychological knowledge which helps to improve individual mental strength. Our business growth support experience can be described as a series of activities consisting of: identifying the problem, naming it and then designing a method based on empirically tested knowledge to remedy it.


We develop people, who develop business

We see business as a living organism with a human face, not as an impersonal machine. It’s the people whose growth is our purpose. We help discover and develop potential (of individuals and teams) and improve mental strength, which make life better and valuable and in turn contribute to organization’s growth.

Business trainings

  • Professional customer service and sale
  • Leadership and team management
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Emotion management in business
  • Public speaking – image building
  • Team-building – smart integration
  • Personal effectiveness training
  • Business coaching – designing a growth path

Tailored business development services

We design each development service based on prior customer’s needs diagnosis. If you’d like to see how we work, check examples of our projects in the Realizations tab.

There you will find examples of business trainings’ topics we organize. Their content can be mixed and combined into a whole series depending on training goals and time needed to perform the service. These are not complete agendas but the scope of our activities and can be modified to be tailored to client’s needs and expectations.

What makes our business projects UNIQUE?

Combining theory with practice

We use scientific psychology’s achievements and combine it with practitioner’s experience. We believe there’s nothing more practical than a good and tested theory. We engage trainees in discussion presenting various standpoints. We provoke reflection and encourage clients to verify given hypotheses on their own.

Evidence-based trainings

There’s a lot of myths in the training market that we try to debunk. We don’t believe a black cat brings bad luck, nor do we claim stress is always detrimental – our trainings are based on scientific research. Efficiency and business ethics are important to us.

Gamification use

We give our trainings an attractive form of a plot with consistent narration to attract trainees’ interest and attention. We use different forms of gamification creating original training games’ scenarios. We prepare unique training materials and props ourselves, caring about the smallest details.

Tailored projects

We design comprehensive development services tailoring them to the needs and capabilities of all parties involved in the project (trainees, superiors, investors). We diagnose problems and monitor the effects of our training’s results with reliable psychometric methods.

Unforgettable memories

We learn the history of a place, drawing inspiration from wherever we are. We create a consistent story which makes our trainings authentic and more attractive to trainees. Because we inspire positive emotions and provoke creativity, our trainings are long remembered by trainees.

Practical change implementation

We work using metaphors and analogies. At the same time we always care for the metaphorical content to translate into a trainee’s professional life. We inspire to use development tools in practice and as follow-up we monitor and strengthen development results.

en - Referencje

I really liked the meetings where we practiced negotiation techniques. Surely paraphrase is something I will use in my everyday work. I also really enjoyed exercises featuring fairy tales characters - we could stop thinking about every-day life and then learn how to use it in corporate work. The game at the end was great :)

Customer service department worker – BANK SPÓŁDZIELCZY

Ania, thank you very much for letting me take part in the whole training project. You have an enormous amount of positive energy that is truly infectious. Thanks to you, there was a pleasant atmosphere during trainings. Especially useful were the exercises you prepared - games and plays. Learning materials were always high-level and esthetic. However, the most important thing for me was opening up. I cannot point out which exercises particularly helped me do it. I think it happened every time I had to do something I felt I couldn’t do, that wasn’t for me. Exercises and practice were the most important then, which doesn’t mean there was too much theory. There’s nothing I could say wasn’t right, everything was useful. Thank you.

Sales support specialist - LINDORFF

The training’s form was very engaging for trainees, that’s why we weren’t bored at all. Thanks to a multitude of exercises I will be able to use most of the information while working with clients - I just know now when I can and should do it. I’m able to recognize when someone tries to manipulate me. I implemented the communication tools shown into my life, using them also when talking to children. A lot of information and examples - that’s what I like.

Team leader - TOSHIBA

I really like working with internal resources as well as changing beliefs and working with emotions. That’s why broadening the topic and translating it more clearly into the workplace environment was very developmental for me. During the training I discovered new areas to grow and to use the newly gained knowledge in my professional life.


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