Mental Comfort Program

Idea behind Mental Comfort Program

The goal of the program is to increase the mental well-being of Schaeffler Employees through various well-being activities. One such activity is education and prevention carried out by experts working with the Pracownia Rozwoju. The time of the pandemic was challenging, so together with Schaeffler we researched the needs and expectations of employees in this area out of concern for their mental well-being – in response, a tailored Mental Comfort Program was created.

We know that mental resilience does not only depend on the individual’s ability to cope with emotions and stress, but also on the extent to which taking care of the employee’s well-being is part of the organizational culture and what actions are taken by the company in this regard.

The key is to build responsibility for mental health at every organizational level, therefore our development activities are addressed to both the managerial staff and all employees.

Psychoeducation is meant to support/complement other activities undertaken in the company within the wellbeing program, in order to coherently and comprehensively help all employees take care of their mental comfort.

Invitation to participate in the Mental Comfort Program

How do we understand mental resilience

Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose

Maureen Killoran

Imagine a person who is able to face the toils of life and when faced with a crisis situation is able not only to survive, but even come out stronger than before.

This is a mentally resilient person, who can be compared to a tree with strong roots and a flexible trunk, which bends during shocks, but is not easily broken.

The foundation of stress resilience is the emotional flexibility to recover quickly from the shock experienced – a strength we can develop!

Various forms of support in the Mental Comfort Program

Within the framework of psycho-educational activities we build competences which help to cope with difficult situations, that is, we develop psychological resilience. We are committed to transferring reliable knowledge, training skills as well as building appropriate attitudes towards stress, which is why we dispel various misconceptions on the subject. We try to meet your needs and prepare support in different forms, both group and individual meetings, as well as podcasts, articles and videos.

Our program consists of a wide variety of activities:

    Podcasts by Pracownia Rozwoju – in which our experts introduce you to various ways to enhance your mental well-being.

    Psychological consultations – during which you can receive one-on-one support for strengthening your psychological well-being at work.

    Mental Corner – where you will find additional resources that expand the mental health content we have covered.

    Workshops in small groups – during which you will be able to develop a skill of your choice related to developing resilience to stress.

    All these activities allow us to look at the topic of mental health from different perspectives and learn about different ways to increase mental comfort.

    We want to make sure that taking care of emotional hygiene is not a privilege but a standard, so we work to build the habit of focusing on this topic at least once a week – hence the idea of Mental Wednesdays – a day in which we regularly update our database with new resources.

    Create the Program with us

    Here you will find the evaluation surveys and results of previous measurements

    We are convinced that our program is only one of the elements that may affect the improvement of mental comfort, as we focus on building healthy mental habits in it, its effects will be visible in the long term. That is why we make multi-stage measurements of participants’ commitment and satisfaction. The first measurement was carried out at the beginning of the program (July, 2021) – you can read the results of this measurement by clicking on the link above. There you will also find the results of the current evaluation questionnaire.

    Please remember that the Mental Comfort Program was designed in a form that facilitates its constant updating. This ensures that the materials and services we prepare for you are in consonance with the state of current knowledge in the field.

    We invite you to create the program with us. Your feedback will help us to better tailor the program to your needs.

    Your opinion is crucial here, so thank you in advance for your time and for completing the survey.



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