Aspiring Leaders Program

Idea behind Aspiring Leaders Program

Aspiring Leaders is a development program designed for Employees aspiring to take on leadership roles. Participation in the program, under the guidance of experienced professionals, allows participants to develop leadership competencies and equips them with the tools they need to perform leadership roles in the future.

Pit stops are a vitally important part of race strategy – the outcome of a race is not only determined by the ability of the driver but also by the efficient operation of the service team. Careful planning and efficient handling of Pit Stops are vital to gaining a leading position and an advantage often decisive for winning the race. It is an agile and dynamic approach that combines smart strategy with smart execution.

Our development programs are like smoothly operating pit stops during a Formula One race. They are designed to help participants gain the right competencies as quickly as possible to achieve their business goals.

Goals of the Aspiring Leaders Program

The aim of the Aspiring Leaders program is to build the right attitude, basic knowledge and leadership competencies among people aspiring to become leaders. We know that the functioning of a team depends largely on how a leader manages his or her work, therefore during the training we put great emphasis on shaping the expected leadership attitudes, consistent with the culture of the Organization and its values.

  • Knowledge level – participants will acquire and expand their knowledge about team cooperation, organization of their own work and building a positive image of a team leader, they will learn about communication mistakes and barriers as well as models of conflict resolution.
  • Skills level – participants will learn effective techniques of enthusiasm and motivation maintenance as well as using tools improving communication in a team.
  • Attitude level – participants will understand how important the right attitude is for the leader to work effectively and how the leader’s internal beliefs affect the daily work and the team atmosphere.

Formula of the program

Training sessions in the Aspiring Leaders program are like well-designed pit stops, supporting participants in reaching their planned goals. During the pit stop, we help participants observe which elements of their work are running correctly and which need further work, repair or replacement. Through pre-measurement, we can plan an individual development path for each participant, addressing individual predispositions and talents.

The Aspiring Leaders Program is three dynamic pit stops. Pit Stop activities must be swift, so each program stage is divided into smaller components: two training sessions, self-work and individual coaching. A team of experienced trainers and coaches will equip participants with practical knowledge based on practice and well-proven tools.

Benefits of participating in the program

The participant taking part in the program will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • creating an environment conducive to effective teamwork by building attitudes, reinforcing constructive behavior, and managing roles in the team;
  • effective use of communication tools, including: creating precise messages, recognizing communication barriers, and formulating assertive statements;
  • developing self-motivation and self-efficacy, as well as arousing motivation and commitment in team members, by working on beliefs, strengthening willpower and using effective tools for working on habits;
  • dealing with difficult situations, using knowledge on managing emotions and conflict in the group.