Workshop for leaders: Communication toolbox

Workshop for leaders: Comunication toolbox – coaching tools that help You to increase Your Employees’ comfort

During the training, participants learned the essence of leadership coaching and practiced communication tools necessary in the work of a leader to improve the comfort of employees.

Workshops in a stationary form were held on Thursday, 28. April 2022, from 13.00 to 16.00. The training was conducted in English.



The workshop was led for you by Miroslaw Tarasiewicz, a certified business coach, who deals with leadership and rational coaching in business.

Workshop program

During the workshop we answered the following questions:

  • A leader as a coach and mentor – what does it mean in practice?
  • How to improve communication with subordinates and superiors using coaching tools?

Workshop materials to download

Check out the podcast

We encourage you to listen to the podcast to learn more about the essence of leadership coaching, why you should use it, and when it will be most effective.

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