Workshops in small groups

Workshops in small groups

Here you will find all content related to our workshops in small groups. Below you will find: information on the topics, presenters’ bios, as well as presentations and post-workshop materials to download. Click on a picture to enter the dedicated workshop page.
Based on the questionnaire which you filled out, we have created a ranking of the most interesting topics. Hybrid workshops will be held on Wednesdays (15:00-17:00) starting April 20. However, we recommend stationary attendance (at the Company’s office), so that you can experience the trained practices on your own. Training will be conducted in English*.

*In the case when only Polish-speaking people will sign up for the list, the workshops will be held in Polish.

We would like to share the materials from the small group workshops with you, even if you did not attend, to encourage you to participate in the next edition, which we plan to start after the vacations. Participating in workshops is not only an opportunity to gain new knowledge but also to meet other people. Participating in online workshops allows you to improve your skills to a similar extent as attending an in-office workshop. However, only attending an in-office workshop provides the opportunity for direct contact with others – one of the key aspects of building stress resilience. Stress involves more than just a fight or flight response. Thanks to Paweł Bogusław’s podcast, we know the importance of oxytocin in the stress response and the tremendous benefits it has for our health, especially the health of our heart. And oxytocin is secreted when we build and maintain relationships with others, which you can learn more about in Connecting Time. Meetings in the office are an opportunity to benefit from oxytocin “boosters.”

Let us know in the survey visible on the bottom right side of the screen if you would like to participate in the workshop after the vacations.

Program content and training materials

Strengthen willpower

and build your habits of mental resilience

Date: 27.04.2022,  15.00-17.00, instructor: Andrzej Barnardyn

Game-based training that will teach you how to effectively motivate yourself to act and change your habits.



Commuicate your boudaries firmly and gently

– assertivness training

Date: 18.05.2022, 15.00-17.00, Instructor: Magdalena Ślazyk-Sobol

Thanks to the training, you will learn to assertively express yourself, your emotions, opinions, receive feedback, and react to difficult matters of others.

Regulate your emotions

– emotional intelligence training

Date: 11.05.2022, 15.00-17.00, Instructor: Anna Cieślik

Thanks to the training, you will learn to recognize and name your own and other people’s emotions, and thus use them more effectively to achieve your own goals. 



Building self-esteem

– how to act despite anxiety and uncertainty?

Date: 25.05.2022, 15.00-17.00, Instructor: Patrycja Chomiczewska

Through the training, you will learn how to act in harmony with yourself and overcome fear and insecurity.

War anxiety - how to transform emotional reactions into constructive support?

On March 3, we met to create a space for joint discussion on the current situation in Ukraine. Although this was not a small group workshop, we tried to respond to the current situation as quickly and as well as we could. Therefore, below you will find a presentation from this meeting and transcribed questions from the Q&A session.