Take care of yourself

Balanced diet

The vacations are all about Down Time – an extremely important part of the Mental Health Platter and the entire Mental Comfort Program. We, as well, are taking a rest and will return to you with new content in the Program after the vacations. The materials published so far within the Mental Comfort Program are available to you at all times and we encourage you to take a look at them, especially now during holiday rest.

The vacations, like no other time of the year, promote the use of the good practices imparted in each of the Mental Health Platter ingredients. It’s an opportunity to exercise outdoors, following the tips you learned in Physical Time, is a time when you can take care of your sleep, as we wrote about in Sleep Time and an opportunity to have fun, be playful and discover the inner child (for more information, check out Play Time). It’s important to share this time with loved ones, the benefits of which you learned in Connecting Time. It’s also a time when your work life has a chance to slow down a bit, which encourages you to stop for a moment and look at yourself, your thoughts, and your needs – you could develop these practices with Time In. To schedule time to take care of yourself, use the tips prepared for you in Focus Time.

See you after the vacations. Stay tuned!

Take care of yourself

Self-care is a skill that needs to be continually developed. But how do we know we are doing it right? Self-care is not a one-time activity or even a regular weekly massage. Self-care is the consistent practice of many small habits that, together, help put your mind, body, and spirit in top shape. Keep in mind that each of us will have an individual set of habits.

Below you will find a worksheet to help you evaluate self-care in relation to the individual elements of the Mental Diet. To effectively build mental resilience, you must balance all elements of the Mental Health Platter.

Download the worksheet with the exercise and reflect on how you take care of yourself and which areas may need further development.

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