Piotr Cembaluk photo by: Juliusz Migdziński

Piotr Cembaluk

technical and creative support

Work hard, have fun and watch this

Artistic Soul and Process Improvement Master in one. Piotr provides daily support, both emotionally and technically. His extraordinary power is to create something out of nothing – no matter if it’s an unconventional training aid, a new idea for an educational game, packaging materials for a mailing or creating a magic formula in Excel. He is always there when needed.

He practices the Eastern philosophy of continuous improvement both in his leading job (implementing KAIZEN methods as an HR Business Partner in a international organisation) and in his private life (training in the martial art of taekwondo – holder I Dana). He believes that there is no single magic gesture with which you can achieve perfect harmony in a team – rather, it is a by-product of hard work (and when you learn to lead others, for example as Lenny Bernstein does, you get a lot of fun out of it). He also puts the previously mentioned psyhical condition into use in the mountains, which he is passionate about. He is also keen to discover new flavours in the kitchen, where, as befits an animal lover, he is accompanied by his cats.

Work hard, have fun and watch this