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The leader’s ABCs – tools for effective leadership

Klient: MOSIR (Community Sports and Recreation Centre) in Kędzierzyn Koźle

The leader’s ABCs – tools for effective leadership
The leader’s ABCs – tools for effective leadership

How do you recognise an effective leader?

The quality of a leader’s work is determined by their effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness refers to the successful implementation of the management process in an organisation, while efficiency implies achieving optimal solutions with wise use of given resources.

The authors of the book “Switch” illustrated this vividly with the metaphor of a rider riding an elephant. In order for change to be possible, it is necessary to indicate the goal to the rider (our rational side), motivate the elephant (the emotional side) and align the path (i.e. create the right conditions for change).

Such considerations led us to create a development service for the client in the form of personal effectiveness training, which consisted of elements of time management, habit building, flexible response to change and creative thinking techniques.

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