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The Argonauts of marketing

Klient: Wago Elwag sp. z o.o.

The Argonauts of marketing
The Argonauts of marketing

What do quick release plates have in common with the wild tribes of distant Oceania?

We found this out by playing the role of anthropologists and organising a 3-day training course for our client near the beautiful Lake Sławskie. The company expressed the need to integrate the team and develop clear rules and practical standards for internal communication.

In developing the training programme, we were inspired by Bronisław Malinowski’s ‘Argonauts of the Western Pacific’, thanks to which the participants of this three-day expedition had the opportunity to impersonate the tribes inhabiting the islands of Oceania. Discovering mysterious lands, learning about the natives and their culture, the rituals of the chiefs or trading and sharing magical gifts were just some of the elements the participants had to deal with. As a result, with a lot of fun and positive energy, the objective of the training was successfully achieved, and the Wago Elwag ‘tribes’, already know how to incorporate the acquired knowledge into their daily work.

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